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Where Anti-Discrimination Law Stands 4 Years After Bostock

On the fourth anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court's landmark Bostock ruling, Evan Parness and Abby Rickeman at C... (more story)

Crafting An Effective Workplace AI Policy After DOL Guidance

Employers should take proactive steps to minimize their liability risk after the U.S. Department of Labor released... (more story)

Politics In The Workplace: What Employers Need To Know

As the 2024 election approaches and protests continue across the country, employers should be aware of employees' ... (more story)

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GOP AGs Demand Stay For DOL's H-2A Protections Rule

Seventeen Republican attorneys general requested a pause on the effective date for the U.S. Department of Labor's final rule covering foreign farmworkers within the H-2A visa program, telling the court that th... (more story)

Starbucks Illegally Fired Ga. Worker, NLRB Judge Says

Starbucks violated federal labor law when it fired a worker for leading a protest at a recently unionized Augusta, Georgia, cafe, a National Labor Relations Board judge ruled Friday, adding Starbucks also flou... (more story)

The inflatable rat known as "Scabby the Rat," is used by labor union workers to strike and protest working conditions and benefits in the west side of Manhattan by Hudson Yards.
Teamsters Local Wants 26-Year-Old Consent Order To End

A New York City-based Teamsters local asked the Second Circuit to unwind a 1998 consent order instructing the union to stop unlawful strike activity, saying the order is unnecessary after more than a quarter-c... (more story)

Starbucks Bypassed Union Over Cut Hours, NLRB Judge Says

Starbucks unlawfully slashed scheduled work hours for shift supervisors at a Pennsylvania store without giving a Teamsters local the chance to bargain, a National Labor Relations Board judge ruled, saying the ... (more story)

NY Forecast: Class Cert. Args In Four Seasons Layoff Suit

This week, a New York federal judge will consider a motion to certify a class of former workers at the Four Seasons Hotel New York who claim the hotel violated federal and state law by not notifying them of fu... (more story)

NLRB Rejects Columbia's Challenge To Union Composition

Columbia University's student worker union includes those who logged fewer than 15 hours per week, the National Labor Relations Board ruled Friday, rejecting the university's argument that the United Auto Work... (more story)

Calif. Forecast: Delta's $16M Pay Stub Deal Up For Approval

In the coming week, attorneys should watch for potential settlement approval in a pay stubs class action against Delta Air Lines that went to the Ninth Circuit and the California Supreme Court. Here's a look a... (more story)

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No Associational Shield In Conn. Employment Law, Panel Says

Connecticut's key employment practices law does not create a cause of action for discriminating against a worker because they associate with a person who has disabilities, according to a Friday opinion by the ... (more story)

FCA Boss' N-Word Use Not Enough For Racial Bias Suit

A Black FCA worker's allegations that his supervisor used the N-word twice and that it was written on the bathroom wall are not enough to prove he experienced a hostile work environment or was prevented from d... (more story)

A split Sixth Circuit panel held that the Department of Education can't enforce its guidance interpreting Title IX's ban on discrimination against LGBTQ+ students, upholding a preliminary injunction granted to a coalition of Republican states' attorneys general. ( pamai)
6th Circ. Keeps Block On DOE Guidance Barring Anti-Gay Bias

A split Sixth Circuit panel on Friday said the U.S. Department of Education can't enforce guidance interpreting Title IX to ban discrimination against LGBTQ+ students in line with the U.S. Supreme Court's Bost... (more story)

9th Circ. Revives Union Pacific Workers' Disability Bias Suits

The Ninth Circuit on Friday reversed Union Pacific Railroad's wins in three worker disability discrimination lawsuits involving plaintiffs with color-vision concerns, saying the lower court incorrectly determi... (more story)

DC Circ. Says 'Piggybacking' Can't Save IBM Bias Claims

International Business Machines Corp. does not have to face claims in arbitration from two workers who said they were fired because of their age, the D.C. Circuit said Friday, finding they couldn't use a "pigg... (more story)

EEOC Gets $515K Deal In Disability, Genetic Bias Suit

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced Friday that a pharmacy will pay $515,000 to resolve the agency's lawsuit accusing it of recruiting workers who have hemophilia and pressuring them to ... (more story)

NY Bill Taking Aim At Model Worker Abuse Awaits Gov.'s Pen

The New York State Assembly greenlighted a bill now headed for the governor's desk that creates new worker protections for models that aim to rein in industry exploitation, legislation that would build a regis... (more story)

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Ill. Cannabis Co.'s Payroll Provider Suit Revived

An Illinois appeals court breathed new life into a cannabis dispensary operator's negligence and negligent misrepresentation​ lawsuit against its accounting firm for incorrectly telling the company it was over... (more story)

Popeyes Accused Of Skimping On Breaks And Wages

Popeyes made employees in California work through lunch and rest breaks without appropriate pay and provided them with "confusing" wage statements, according to a putative class action lodged in a Los Angeles court.

A California appellate court panel found that a healthcare employee signed a valid pact to arbitrate her PAGA claim. (iStock)
Healthcare Worker's Solo PAGA Claim Heads To Arbitration

A California state appeals court ruled an employee's individual wage claims under the state's Private Attorneys General Act should be heard in arbitration, overturning a lower court's decision to keep the laws... (more story)

Former IT Worker Wants Outright Win In FMLA Suit

A former information technology worker asked a Florida federal court Friday to reconsider a win it denied him in his lawsuit alleging he was fired after he took medical leave to treat anxiety, arguing the cour... (more story)

New Evidence Triggers Amended Misclassification Complaint

Growers accusing a chicken farm of misclassifying them as independent contractors can amend their suit, a South Carolina federal judge ruled Thursday, agreeing that new evidence they obtained could expand the suit's reach.

Republican Sens. Want To Block DOL OT Exemption Rule

Republican senators unveiled a Congressional Review Act resolution Thursday aiming to roll back the U.S. Department of Labor's new rule increasing the salary thresholds for overtime exemptions for administrati... (more story)

2nd Circ. Reopens Tow Trucker's Wage Suit

A New York federal court shouldn't have inserted a subsidiary in a proposed class action accusing an auction service provider of paying tow truck drivers late, the Second Circuit ruled Thursday, reviving the suit.